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Iftar Dinner in Baptist Church

We are in another holy month of Ramadan on Long Island. The main goal of reaching out to all different races and religion and efforts to build bridges of friendship between every individual continued in this Ramadan also.

The Iftar dinner that was held in Long island Baptist Antiak church helped contribute to the existing strong bonds between communities. Local communities showed much interest to the iftar dinner that was sponsored by TCCLI and NEIC. Video presentation by Special guest NEIC president Ibrahim Sayar talked about the importance of this holy month and stated that this month is for sharing and helping others.

Also he added that all the good deeds that are done in this month have a special place in God’s presence. He stated that even a simple simile can touch the hearts of each other we are all from the same ancestor so lets all be one and work for better tomorrows.

Next speaker father of Bapdist church Dr. Phillip Elliot started his talk thanking all the participants and said today we see the fruits of our friendship and dialog between each other. He also explained that the name of the Antiak church comes from a province in Turkey and even this proves that we all have the same background and once we all came from same place. Program continued with the reading of ezan and breaking of fasts. Night was concluded with prayers for all of humanity and hoping these kinds of program continue for much longer years.

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