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Ebru Class at TCC New York

The New Season of Ebru Art (Water Marbling) Classes will start on September 22 at TCC New York and proving to be as popular as ever.

Imagine making a picture on the water!! Then imagine making the picture disappear from the water and appear on paper!! That is exactly what you see when you come to an Ebru class and watch instructor Mustafa work his magic with paint, water, and paper.

You will learn the history behind this beautiful art form, you will also learn about the tools, the paints, and the paper, all of which have remained unchanged over the centuries.

The classes can now be taken as a single session sampling class or as a package for a series of classes to learn more about the art form and master more difficult techniques.

For single-session classes please click here: REGISTER

For advanced ebru art classes please email to

If you already have a ticket please email to  to learn about the schedules.

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