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Abraham’s Table of Long Island & Interfaith Dialogue

Turkish Cultural Center Long Island Proud Partner of Abraham’s Table of Long Island for more than 4 Years.

Abraham’s Table Long Island has a vision resting on the twin beliefs that people can bring about constructive change and progress and that all people should be treated with dignity and therefore all deserve basic human rights. The Patriarch Abraham is the father to three great world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Abraham is also the father of monotheism, the religious belief in one God. God’s covenant with Abraham is predicated on the belief that humans are created by God in the image of God, which in turn gave birth to the idea of human rights. All people, as children of God, are reflections of God and therefore every human deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Abraham’s Table seeks to be an agent of progress and solidarity, in which Jews, Christians, and Muslims work to create a climate that respects the dignity of every person here on an increasingly diverse Long Island. The mission of Abraham’s Table Long Island is to create a spirit of common heritage, peace and cooperation here in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, while still respecting the uniqueness of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions. We do this through honest and respectful dialogue and joyful celebration of each other’s religious traditions.

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