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A Cup Turkish Coffee: A Taste of History

A Cup Turkish Coffee: A Taste of History

Join the Turkish Cultural Center Turkish Coffee Workshop to learn how to make Turkish coffee while exploring the tools, ingredients, and prep techniques.

At the TCC Turkish Coffee Workshop, everyone is situated around a large work table that accommodates the whole class. We work together as a group, with the artist at the head of the table. 

You will learn the history of coffee, the history of Turkish coffee, Turkish coffee cooking tools. 

You also will learn how to make Turkish coffee; drink the Turkish coffee you made, taste some Turkish delights or chocolate, and more and more.

Make it at home!

Turkish coffee and Turkish coffee cooking pots will be available for sale after the workshop for $10

Class level: Beginner                      

Average Class size: 10                

Age requirements: 13 and older               

Date / time: Sundays / 2 pm to 3:30 pm    

Requirements: No previous experience required

For tickets please click here GET TICKETS

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